[horde] PEAR base horde directory change?

Nels Lindquist nlindq at maei.ca
Wed Jan 25 22:28:00 UTC 2017

On 2017/01/25 1:22 PM, Erling Preben Hansen wrote:
>  Citat af Nels Lindquist <nlindq at maei.ca>:
>> In our backup/test environment, I just tried performing a pear upgrade
>> of the horde channel.  Afterward, my installation was completely broken.

> Hey
> What does "pear config-show" tell you about "horde_dir"
> If it is changed something / someone must have done it.

Running "pear config-get horde_dir" shows "/usr/share/pear/www/horde" on 
three different systems.  In each case, Horde is/was installed in 

> sometimes if multipli users have access to pear it is importent to use
> the same user every time.

Certainly.  For one of the above-mentioned systems, though, I am the 
only one with access.  And I definitely haven't changed the horde_dir 
value myself.

Nels Lindquist
<nlindq at maei.ca>

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