[horde] Install horde with composer

Brent impuser at bitrealm.com
Fri Jan 20 15:01:20 UTC 2023

  Quoting Ferdinand Gruber <fer.grub at yahoo.de>:

> I haven't been able to get Horde to work since I upgraded my server to PHP8.
> Therefore I tried to make a new install of horde with composer on my  
> server (openSUSE 15.4)
> As described in https://github.com/horde/horde-deployment#readme I  
> entered the following commands.
> |git clone https://github.com/maintaina-com/horde-deployment.git  
> horde cd /srv/www/htdocs/horde composer install|
> That worked without problems.
> I have little experience with composer, so I don't understand the  
> next instruction in the readme file.
> "Then copy the main horde config file to point your web server root  
> to the web/ subdir"
> From where should I copy what kind of file to what folder? Of course  
> I backuped all horde files.
> Is it necessary to set up a new named virtual host to access the new  
> horde site? Is the new documentroot for  
> Hoerde|srv/www/htdocs/horde/web ?
> |
> Please give me a hint? Thank you in advance.
> --
> Regards from Austria
> Ferdinand Gruber
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In my case, my composer install is in "/var/www/html/horde". The  
webroot becomes "/var/www/html/horde/web" and so I updated my apache  
config to reflect that location.

You then just copy  
"/var/www/html/horde/web/horde/config/conf.php.dist" to  
"/var/www/html/horde/web/config/conf.php" and then you should be able  
to connect to the admin interface and start setting things up the way  
you want.


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