[imp] Web Page Sign Up Form?

Jim Hale jim-ml@halemail.dyndns.org
Wed, 29 May 2002 08:41:43 -0500

I know this may be a bit offbase, but I'm running my website/email server on a 
RH 7.3 box. I was just wondering if someone out there has written any sort of 
Web Page interface that would allow a person to sign up for, say, a webmail 
account. I'm not doing this for commercial purposes, There's a user group that 
would like to start using my server and I don't have the time to go in a create 
user accounts on the box so that they can have mail. I'm using Horde/IMP as my 
Webmail Server framework.

Just basically something that would allow them to input their general 
information (Real Name, Username, password, defineable fields - maybe put the 
info into an SQL database for later use, but for now just create the username & 
password) and then the RH box would create their account for them. The more 
secure the better.


Jim Hale
Jim & Kathy's Website Collection

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