[imp] Web Page Sign Up Form?

Robert Fleming rob@flemish.org
Wed, 29 May 2002 11:41:07 -0600

Quoting Jim Hale <jim-ml@halemail.dyndns.org>:

> I know this may be a bit offbase, but I'm running my website/email server
> on a 
> RH 7.3 box. I was just wondering if someone out there has written any sort
> of 
> Web Page interface that would allow a person to sign up for, say, a webmail
> account. 

If you happen to be running qmail and [or willing to install] vpopmail
(virtual domain support), you can use vqregister

To make informed suggestions, we need some information about your server -
sendmail/qmail/courier/etc and what (if any) additional 'modules' you have