[imp] Re: IMP: 3.1RC CVS RELENG broken folders.php with compressed pages

Jan Schneider jan@horde.org
Fri, 31 May 2002 20:56:02 +0200

Zitat von Leena Heino <Leena.Heino@uta.fi>:

> Has something been broke with folders.php with compressed pages.
> If I try to go folders then IMP won't update the main screen. It leaves
> it just like it was before (with IE screen will be blank). Only those
> icons at the bottom of the
> screen seem to work.
> There is no log to Apache's errors and in access log has only line GET
> folders.php
> Though, with lynx I do get an error: Alert! Error uncompressing temporary
> file
> If I turn off compressed pages the folders view seems to work all right.
> Though there is a quota status line above the top icons (INBOX, compose
> etc.)

I guess this line is the reason for your problems. It probably interferes
with the output buffering and screws things up during the compression process.


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