[imp] Dot_files showing

Darren Moore dm at hetzner.co.za
Fri May 14 00:15:05 PDT 2004

Hi there,
I am using horde-2.2.4, and imp-3.2.2 on a RH7 system.
I am using omail-admin to set up new mailboxes. omail-admin logs user
actions to a file named .omail.log in the users Maildir. The problem is
now when a user browses through their folders they can see a folder
called 'omail' with a subfolder 'log'.

In imp/config/conf.php their is an option,

// Should we show files that begin with a '.' in the folder lists?
$conf['server']['show_dotfiles'] = false;

I thought this would solve the problem but even if this is set to false
the .omail file still shows up as a folder.

If anyone knows of another setting or file I should change, or any other
ideas, please let me know.

Many Thanks,

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