[imp] Will IMAP be supported again? [RESOLVED]

Chris H. fbsd at 1command.com
Thu Apr 27 07:15:02 PDT 2006

Quoting Adrian Chadd <adrian at creative.net.au>:

> On Thu, Apr 27, 2006, Chris H. wrote:
>> I was able to resolve the inability to authenticate against the
>> imaps server. But life is *alot* slower on horde-3.11 and IMP-4.1
>> than it was on horde-3.09. Alot slower.
> I've found that some places in the IMP codebase still seem to want
> to walk the entire "folder" space from UW-IMAP even though the "hack"
> for namespaces is in place. This results in logins seeming to take
> forever since IMP was walking the whole homedirectory.
> I've found and squished a couple of these in my local IMP  tree
> but I haven't had time to upgrade to the latest code in the IMP
> branch. Hopefully I'll find the one place which still tries to read the
> whole homedirectory through UW-IMAP somehow and squish that. :)

Speaking of UW-IMAP hacks, you might be interested in these:


I've continued to use UW-IMAP for all these years because I've
become comfortable with it. That's a big plus when you're
administering a huge server farm. But today, I've decided that
the hack-and-dash routines required to keep UW-IMAP up to snuff
have outlived their usefulness and have become more of a liability
than an asset. So I'm in search of a replacement. I need
something that is *intended* to be configurable and thereby
easily lends itself to adjustment. Visually parsing the source
(as is required to configure so much of UW-IMAP) just doesn't
get it. The lack of doc's doesn't help either. I kept hoping
that that scenerio would change. But I'm done waiting. :)

Thanks for your input.

--Chris H.

> Adrian

Shameless self-promotion follows...
... or does it?

FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE-p12 (SMP - 900x2) Tue Mar 7 19:37:23 PST 2006

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