[imp] IMAP recommendations anyone?

Chris H. fbsd at 1command.com
Thu Apr 27 09:48:32 PDT 2006

Quoting Eric Jon Rostetter <eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu>:

> Quoting "Chris H." <fbsd at 1command.com>:
>> 1) as I mentioned before, 3.09 was about 4-5 times faster. So
>> why the sudden loss in performance and speed? - not to mention the
>> additional loads I'm seeing on the CPU's. Top is showing some
>> really high numbers by comparison, and this is a DUAL CPU box.
> If we knew that, we would have already told you, no?
> And so what processes is top showing using the CPU?  And as I've asked
> before, is the speed problem at login and every 3-4 minutes there after,
> running quickly between those times? Or is it always slow?  At least now
> you've said it isn't under high user load, so that helps.
>> 2)It still will take about 3-5 minutes to get completely logged
>> on and the entire message list with only on user logged on and
>> no other proccess other than MySQL, Apache, Horde/ Imp.
> No Turba?
>> 5 minutes.
>> That's *way* too long, and this is on a dual CPU box with 3Gig of
>> RAM. Something's *definately* wrong.
> Yes, something is.  What?
>> So I am going to walk down the list of possibilities to discover
>> the culprit. Starting with UW-IMAP.
> Why starting there?
>> I'll probably start by testing
>> Dovecot. It is reported to be quite a bit faster than UW-IMAP. But
> Yes, it is.  It also has yet to see its first official 1.0 version
> release...
>> what I most look forward to; is the ability to have much easier
>> configuration. As with UW-IMAP, it's always a matter of hacking
>> the source.
> Or using the "officially unsupported" configuration files...
>> Anyway, I hope to find that it's the IMAP server (UW)
>> and not the slight change in direction Horde/ Imp have made.
> I seriously doubt it, but who knows.  At first you said it had to be
> Horde/IMP because you didn't change anything else.  Then you said the
> login problem was because you updated UW-IMAP.  So who knows what
> else it could be.
>> Thanks again for your response.
> Personally I'd guess your slow login is turba and the problem is
> your turba/config/sources.php, but that is only based on the fact
> that a lot of other people who have slow logins reported to the list
> have this problem.  Since you won't answer any questions about your
> problems or provide sufficient details, I can't really make a very
> educated guess as to your problems.

Funny you should mention that, I'm looking (tweaking) that file now. :)
Interestingly enough though. The last info I noticed about the delayed
logon. Was from Jan whom recommended that they get a slightly different
(newer?) version of Horde. I'm not suggesting that applies here. But
for some reason it stuck in my mind.
Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. Maybe it will help a little.
I'm still going to install Dovecot. I need a more modern, more
administrator friendly, less a hack IMAP server. :)

Thanks again.

--Chris H.

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> Eric Rostetter
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> The University of Texas at Austin
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Shameless self-promotion follows...
... or does it?

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