[imp] Mail.app mail forwarding issue w/ 4.2RC3 / HEAD

Liam Hoekenga liamr at umich.edu
Fri Apr 4 15:23:44 UTC 2008

So, we've noticed some weirdness w/ OS X's Mail.app and IMP 4.2RC3 /  
HEAD (at least with Leopard's Mail.app).

If a user's Mail.app prefs are set for rich text composition  
(Preferences -> Composing -> Message Format = Rich Text), forwarded  
messages show up in imp as a pair of lines that say..

    Show this HTML in a new window?
    Begin forwarded message:

If you click on "Show this HTML...", it pops up a new window that  
displays everything just fine.  Message source displays everything  
fine.  I've tried numerous c-clients, with the same results.  That the  
message displays in the "Show this HTML..." window and "message  
source" says to me that c-client sees the message fine.

Can anyone else replicate this?


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