[ingo] Support for "or" and custom header fields?

Alexander Skwar listen at alexander.skwar.name
Fri Jun 20 11:05:06 PDT 2003

Alexander Skwar wrote:

> Hello!
> Now that I finally got Ingo to work, I'd like to request a feature.
> It would be nice, if Ingo would support ORing different condtitions, ie.
>  "If subject is 'foo' or sender is 'bar', do ...".  In Sieve, the
> different conditios would have to be wrapped by anyof, ie:
> if anyof (

I just noticed that Ingo allows to chose between allof/anyof and if
anyof is selected, it'll OR *all* the conditions.  That's nice but not
quite what I'd like to have.

I'd like to be able to do:

	(subject is foo AND sender is bar)
	(subject is blah AND sender is blubb)
DO ...


if anyof(
	allof( subject = foo, sender = bar ),
	allof( subject = blah, sender = blubb )
) { ... }

Alexander Skwar
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