[ingo] Support for "or" and custom header fields?

Mike Cochrane mike at graftonhall.co.nz
Sun Jun 22 20:10:54 PDT 2003

> ----- Message from listen at alexander.skwar.name ---------
> It would be nice, if Ingo would support ORing different condtitions, ie.
>  "If subject is 'foo' or sender is 'bar', do ...".  In Sieve, the
> different conditios would have to be wrapped by anyof, ie:

It's allready there.
All of the following = AND
Any of the following = OR

> Also, it would be nice if Ingo would allow the user to enter "custom"
> header fields for a condition (ie. I'd like to filter on X-FooBar and
> would like to enter "X-FooBar" as the name of the field).
Patch :-) This has been suggested a few times but as none of use seem to have a
use for it, it's never been added. You can add you own headers to
config/tests.php if you have a specific one you want for your users.

> Basically, I'd think that it would be very good if Ingo could become at
> least as nice as Mulberry.
I've never seen Mulberry, so start sending patchs ;-)

- Mike :-)

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