[ingo] Re: Ingo Filters

Rodolfo segleaur at mechanus.org
Mon Jun 23 19:42:45 PDT 2003

Michael M Slusarz said something about Re: [ingo] Re: Ingo Filters on
 Mon, 23 Jun 2003 :

 | | i've set up the backends.php to use the imap setting as:
 | |
 | | $backends['null'] = array(
 | |     'driver' => 'null',
 | |     'preferred' => 'sigil.mechanus.org',
 | |     'script' => 'imap',
 | |     'hordeauth' => 'user',
 | |     'params' => array()
 | | );
 | |
 | | i'm still trying to track down the problem, but if any of you have an
 | | idea what's going on - drop me a line.
 | No problems here.
 | michael

that's what baffles me. i'm presuming you're also using the latest cvs code for
imp also? the rules are stored correctly in the prefs table, but no matter what
rule i define, it still doesn't get applied. i'm looking into which part of
ingo is failing, but i'm a little swamped right now.

BTW - the latest update to ingo, when you go to define a new rule - it takes
ingo as the root of the website, removing the menu from horde.



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