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Thu Aug 14 13:38:18 PDT 2003

Hello Eric

Thanks very much for your reply.

My skill level with horde et al is a smidge below beginner, I know enough
to get components running if they were meant to run together, so writing a
patch is out of the question.

The reason I was hoping to use Ingo was it's ability to write to a
.procmailrc file as the owner of the file. 

As far as I know (and I could be wrong) the filtering that comes with Imp
doesnt write a .procmailrc file and sorts/deletes/etc messages after they
have already arrived in a persons mailbox.

I guess I will have to go for Options 4 and 5 (wait for someone to do it)

I guess now I can move on.

Thanks again Eric


On Thu, 14 Aug 2003, Eric Rostetter wrote:

> Quoting Horde Mailing List <horde at pris.ca>:
> > Is there a version of Ingo that will work with Horde 2.24
> Yes, but it isn't recommended.  Instead you should use the IMP filtering
> with that version.
> > I know that if I get the HEAD version of Horde the HEAD version of Ingo
> > will work but it is my understanding that HEAD versions are not stable and
> > should not be used in a production enviroment.
> Basically true.  But, if you have no other option, then it is a possible
> solution.
> > I am currently running RELENG_1 of Ingo which is the only version that
> > works with Horde 2.24, however it overwrites previous .procmailrc entries
> > rather then appending to it.
> Well, two options:
> 1) Submit a patch so it works as you want.
> 2) Switch to HEAD if that fixes it (i.e. HEAD of everything, not just Ingo).
> > I really want to get Horde, Imp, and Ingo running together however I am
> Why is that?  Do you need a particular feature of Ingo not in IMP's filtering?
> > getting very frustrated at all the different versions and releases and the
> There aren't that many versions/releases, and they are fairly well documented.
> > 1/2 answers that I am getting from people.
> Sorry, but several of us would ordinarily reply (myself in particular) are
> just too busy to do so at this time.  Can't do much about bad timing.
> > Please please please, can someone please give me a straight answer so I
> > know whether to continue trying to get these three components working
> > together or whether I can just drop it and move on.
> Since I don't know why you want to do this, or what your skill level is,
> I really can't give you a straight answer to that.  You have really a few
> options:
> 1) Give up on Ingo and use IMP filtering
> 2) Provide a working patch for Ingo RELENG to meet your needs (may just
> mean backporting the HEAD changes, I really don't know).
> 3) Switch to CVS HEAD of everything.
> 4) Wait for someone to fix the Ingo RELENG to do what you want.
> 5) Wait for the next release of Horde and IMP and Ingo...
> Not sure which would be best in your case, since I don't know your needs.
> skill level, or time frame...
> > Thank you
> >
> > Rick
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