[ingo] Problem in Blacklist and WhiteList Procmail

Ben Chavet ben at chavet.net
Wed Oct 29 08:35:38 PST 2003

Yeah, that was my programming error.  I submitted a patch to fix it a few days
ago, but it hasn't been committed yet...


Quoting Johan FISCHER <linux at fischaz.com>:

> Hi,
> I'm using the HEAD branch of horde-imp-ingo ... and in the last update, a new
> problem appeared in the ingo/lib/Script/procmail.php lib.
> The generation procedure have an error in the addCondition function of the
> Procmail_Recipe class.
> this function try to access the indice 'match' in the array parameter which
> doesn't exist. (Line 459 ~)
> This function is called by the function Generate_Blacklist and
> Generate_Whitelist of the Ingo_Script_procmail class (Line 214 ~ for the
> blacklist function).
> The error is obvious, no match indice is passed in the function parameter. So
> I
> temporary insert a 'match' => 'contains' value in the array and everything
> works fine now.
> Did I do right or was there a problem in my configuration....
> Also, I would like to define some variables in my procmailrc file like
> or the directory of my mail files...
> Cheers.
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