[ingo] Fwd: Re: [Tickets #4035] RESOLVED: Filtering on body with Procmail

JM Coursimault Horde at coursimault.com
Thu Jun 15 02:17:28 PDT 2006

NM Public <agorae+--ingo at nm.deflexion.com> a dit:

> Because of a Procmail bug, it's better to NOT use the B flag in the :0
> line, but instead put it in the condition line, like this:
>  :0 D
>  * B ?? INFECTED
>  AxperiaSARL/Admin/INFECTED\ chkrootkit

Thanks. I've learnt something today : the existence of the H and B  
special variables (not flags) in procmailrc... but I'm not a real  
Procmail user (nor Ingo developer at all)

It seems that this bug bites only when the H flag is set, and in the  
present incarnation of the script, it never is.

Still it would perhaps be better to rewrite all recipes with the H and  
B variables.


-- JM

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