[ingo] Filters Problem

Joe Greene jgreene at greenemyst.com
Fri Aug 24 14:27:10 UTC 2007

   Mr Gall, I have a couple of questions from a troubleshooting  
perspective for  looking at your problem.

   1) Platform:

   What OS type is the new server?

   What OS type was the old?

   2) Unix platform:

   on each system exec `ps -aef|grep httpd`

   What is the username on the majority of the httpd processes? (at  
least 1 will always be root)

   Windows platform: I'll quietly slink off here as I avoid Windows like plague

   3) What email server application are you using for IMAP? If you  
don't know and your running Linux/UNIX, then contact me and we'll  
exchange info. I Consult for LEGO. I also only try to collect if I  
solve the problem.


Joe Greene
UNIX Systems, Network and IT Specialist

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