[ingo] Ingo + maildrop + vacation

Leland J. Steinke steinkel at ctinetworks.com
Tue Feb 19 17:46:38 UTC 2008

Hanns Mattes wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just installed Horde Groupware Mail Edition and set up Ingo with
> maildrop as backend driver. Rules (and forwards) are generated
> correctly, but afaics there is no option to turn on
> vacation-messages. Am I missing anything (or is the functionality just
> not available with maildrop)?

see http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=5912

I worked on this for a while.  I think it's about 90% there.  I got 
pulled to another project before I could finish large-scale testing.

Leland Steinke
Network Engineer
CTI Networks, Inc.

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