[ingo] Normal 'filesystem' backend for ingo/procmail?

Allen Landsidel allen at 1001islington.com
Sun Feb 24 00:29:49 UTC 2008

Sorry in advance for the length of this message, I'm trying to be 
thorough here.

Been searching all over the place but the search terms are just too 
vague and short to turn up anything relevant, so excuse me if this 
question has already been answered somewhere.

I'm setting up a new mailserver, the current recipe is FreeBSD 6.2, 
Postfix 2.4.6, MySQL 5, postfixadmin 2.1.1, Courier imapd/pop3d 4.3.0, 
procmail 3.22, Apache 2.2.8, PHP 5.2.5, SpamAssassin 3.2.4, and the 
full "Horde Groupware Webmail" 1.0.5 package.

All mailboxes are virtual and deliver to 
/var/mail/vhosts/<domain>/<username>/ in Maildir format.

After a bit of fighting today, I have procmail successfully integrated 
(recipient domain isn't available as a master.cf macro in postfix 2.4, 
so I wrap the procmail call in a simple perl script).

The last bit of magic I need is to get Ingo working with procmail.  It 
seems as though there is no (or at least no example) backend for ingo 
to use a normal filesystem; as it is, procmail treats the top-level 
Maildir directory as home and will create an empty .procmailrc there if 
one doesn't already exist.

What I would like is for Ingo to simply use that file for it's 
.procmailrc output, but it seems I'm limited to a one of:

1. none, javascript filtering.  I use this on my personal server, it's 
too inefficient for the volume the new system is going to receive.

2. ldap.  This is beyond my expertise and the few times I've messed 
with it, it's been a real PITA.  Would like to avoid.

3. timsieved.  No experience with this one, but willing to try it if 
it'll integrate well with all the other pieces I have in place.

4. vfs.  This would be great IF I could use a normal filesystem driver 
instead of the ftp driver.  I really don't want to setup an ftp server 
for all this, specifically because I'd rather like to avoid the hassle 
of having to create ftp user accounts in addition to the email accounts 
whenever a new user is added.

So my question is, is there some undocumented (even unsupported) method 
of using straight a straight 'file' backend similar to what Horde 
itself will use for VFS, or perhaps a 'file' driver entirely separate 
from vfs?

All I want this thing to do is create the .procmailrc on the filesystem 
where I tell it to without going through some intermediary like ftp.  
I've seen the rumors of the ssh2 backend, which is a possibility, but 
not one I'm overly excited about.



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