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>> The documentation is available in the ingo/docs/ directory and in the
>> ingo/config/*.dist files.
>> Basically the way to configuration is dependant of the MDA (mail
>> delivery agent) used to bring the mail in the mailboxes. If you are
>> using procmail to do so the .forward files are used and must be
>> placed in the corecct location. If you us Cyrus most of the time
>> sieve is the right choice. So the basic question is which MDA is used
>> and how.
> I stated that I use Courier.  I stated that I didn't use Procmail.
> donald:/usr/share/horde3/ingo# grep -iR courier *
> donald:/usr/share/horde3/ingo#

Sorry, i have never used Courier and maybe never will...

> There's nothing in the documentation about my MDA (which is not a  
> completely unknown one) that I can find.  If it's there, can you  
> point me to it?  If not, can give me a rough example I can  
> extrapolate from to make this work?  I'm not asking you to actually  
> provide the code, just give me the tools to help myself.  I'd  
> appreciate that.

The MDA part is up to you to setup so it is not possible to list all  
possible combinations of MTA (Mailserver), MDA (deliver mail from MTA  
to mailstore) and Mailstore/IMAP+POP3 Server.

If you are using Postfix as MTA you use "local" most of the time to  
store the mail in the courier mailbox files. With this you have no way  
of filtering/forwarding etc. because "local" has no interface for  
that. That's why many people use something like procmail and others  
which are feed by pipe.

As said i don't know Courier because we use Cyrus/Sieve since ages but  
you can have a look at maildrop from courier MTA which should be able  
to do something like this (http://www.courier-mta.org/maildrop/).



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