[nag] Cannot add, edit or delete tasks

Jan Schneider jan@horde.org
Wed, 15 May 2002 11:07:23 +0200

Zitat von horde@martycombs.com:

> Neither nag nor mnemo will allow me to add a task.  My setup is:
>   * RedHat 7.2,
>     PHP 4.1.2 (compiled from tarball),
>     MySQL 3.23.41 (via rpm)
>   * Installed from a CVS download
>   * Horde authenticates vi imap on localhost
>   * nag/config/conf.php is setup to connect to mysql on localhost as
>     user 'horde' password 'horde'
> The nag_tasks table is setup in the horde database.  The only change I
> made to the included sql script was to connect to the horde database.
> All the grant permissions appear to be set because I can connect to
> the nag_tasks table from the mysql command-line with the same
> username/password (horde/horde) and add the task with the insert
> command.  I can even view the manually created task but cannot changes
> or delete it.
> Other connections to mysql work since I can change my preferences.
> I've run out of ideas.  Any help is appreciated.

What does actually happen if you try to add a task? Error message, back to 
the edit screen, redirect to another screen, browser crashes,...?


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