[turba] Horde Shared Addressbook

Michael Rubinsky mike at theupstairsroom.com
Tue Apr 11 21:21:07 PDT 2006

Quoting Tony Lay <tonylay at gmail.com>:

> I did manage to get the script to run thanks to "public_to_horde_share
> script hangs" thread but I'm still having issues with the use_shares
> peram.
> If I enable use_shares for the addressbook I suspect was converted the
> Address Book page is blank.  If I click in New Message and then click
> on Address Book, or try to expand names, this returns a blank page as
> well.

Your getting a *completly* white screen (except for the sidebar) with  
no errors at all in the web log?  What's the cfgSources entry look  
like for this sql source?  If you set use_shares => false, does Turba  
work properly again (short of all the contact entries no longer  
appearing in the 'My Address Book')

> Everything else seems to be fine though.  No reasonable error output
> that I can find other than turba not working properly.  Any
> suggestions how to debug this issue further or ideas for resolution?

Can you look in your datatree(using Administration->DataTree from  
within Horde) and see what is under horde.shares.turba?  You can also  
look in the Turba_Objects table and see what's there.  Immediatly  
after the upgrade script runs, every single entry in the table should  
have the same owner_id value - something like  
ad60cc4ce7102b3aac2420aedbc664c1.  This is the uid for the shared  
address book.  That uid should be listed in the datatree under  
horde.shares.turba -> localsql (or whatever your sql source is named)  
-> (uid).  If you look at that datatree entry, you should see the  
owner and name etc...  If that's all present, the upgrade script has  
done it's job.

I cannot reproduce any of these issues, so you'll have to do some  
digging to see where the script is breaking. You could start in  
browse.php and go from there...

> Regards,
> -Tony
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