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> Zitat von cyx <cyx at gmx.at>:
>> Hi Jan,
>> "Lesen fehlgeschlagen: (32) No such object"
>>>> Hi, some of my users (including me) have the following problem: if
>>>> they click in the mail compose window on  the To: or Cc: link, a new
>>>> window opens with some error message in red in it and in the window
>>>> appears a new instance of horde itself. Normally (some users get that
>>>> too) the window should display the adressbook. I think this has to be
>>>> some misconfigurations oft he users itself, but I can't figure out
>>>> which one.  Tried every Turba, Imp (even horde)  configuratzon
>> page/setting,
>>> nothing helped.
>>>> Any idea, where to search ?
>>>> Regards
>>>> Werner
>>> *Which* error message?
>>> --
>>> Jan Schneider
> Sounds like you are using LDAP which you should have mentioned.
> IIRC there has been a similar report in the past, please check the archives.
> Check logs too.
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As per my knowledge, the problem is due to contact lists stored in  
local address book created using LDAP objects.  The way the object of  
LDAP is stored in localsql is w.r.t the full hierarchy. For example,  
userA is stored as 'cn=userA,ou=A, ou=B, ou=C,dc=xx' in localsql/local  
addressbook for a contact list entry.  If there is any change in  
hierarchy of UserA in LDAP, we get this error.  In Horde 3, the  
specific object like 'UserA' was not getting listed in contact list  
contents, if there is a change in Hierarchy in LDAP.

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