[whups] Whups as Helpdesk CVS Diff

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Fri Oct 29 03:45:11 PDT 2004

Zitat von mbydalek at mobilemini.com:

> I have to say that what everyone has done to Whups has been great! A while
> ago, back in June/July, I had brought up how I modified Whups a little to
> make it more of a Tech. Support Helpdesk, like for a company, campus, etc.
> rather than a Project Ticket System.  This week, I needed to add a lot of
> features and decided to update.
> So, I cvs'd and applied my changes (which is actually 1/4 of the total code
> due to the improvements made) and have a CVS Diff ready to go (as of 5 mins
> ago).

I bet some of the features will be integrated into Whups, I personally
especially like the "Unassigned Tickets" feature, while others don't make
sense for a broader usage.

But in any case you should resubmit your patch as a unified diff. The patch
will probably applied step by step, and applying unified diffs is much
safer in case that part of the original code has changed in the meantime.


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