[whups] Linking tickets

Auke Bruinsma air2 at dds.nl
Mon Feb 6 13:29:56 PST 2006

Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
> Ah. I don't agree with this. The email subjects should contain the  
> ticket number, which is unique. That's a fool-proof way to match  
> replies. What you're proposing seems like an unnecessary layer of  
> complexity to me.
> -chuck
But what if some-one accedently includes such a ticket number, or 
someone on purpose tries to mess up the system by sending a lot of fake 
support mails with ticket number in it? Or when the system just by some 
bug mismatch the mails?
Also if this extra layer is added its more safe to try to match at 
content and or sender if no ticket number is available.
I think it adds a good base for more extension as just the one I am 
proposing and needing.


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