[whups] Trying to use whups for Horde problem reports

Anders Norrbring lists at norrbring.se
Tue Dec 26 04:35:12 PST 2006

Lars Stavholm wrote:
> Anders Norrbring wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I'm trying to use whups for problem reporting in the Horde framework,
>> but I don't have much success with it.
>> In my horde/config/conf.php I have this:
>> $conf['problems']['ticket_params'] = array('queue' => 1, 'state' => 1,
>> 'priority' => 1, 'type' => 1);
>> $conf['problems']['tickets'] = true;
>> When I click a problem report button, I'm taken to the form to enter a
>> problem description, name and e-mail address, I expected to find myself
>> in a ticket entry form?
> I think that the Problem Report and Tickets (Whups) are two
> different things. The Problem Report is available even without
> whups, as you could see in the new horde-webmail bundle.
> When it comes to whups, I just tried out the CVS version from
> 2006-12-19, and that worked to some extent, but not all the way.
> I could set up queues and ticket types and whatnot, I could even
> register a new ticket, db handler complained, but the ticket
> shows up in the whups_tickets database table, but not in any
> Ticket Searches.

Yes, they're indeed different, however, if you go to Administration -> 
Setup -> Horde and then Problem Reporting, they even list example for 
using Whups with the problem reporting.. I did some Googling on it, and 
found notes from 2005 where the developers discussed how to enable this 
functionality, so my guess is that it can be done.. ;)

I pulled cvs today (2006-12-26), and even built a RPM for SUSE Linux 
from it. I can't complain about anything about the module itself so far, 
it lists tickets, they're searchable and editable. But I haven't digged 
deeply into it yet.


Anders Norrbring
Norrbring Consulting
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